We Love Our Trees!

Our streets and homes boast some of the most beautiful varieties of street trees, including many classic London planes (those bark-shedding trees), honey locusts, lindens, and beech trees. Some of these are original to the development of the neighborhood 100 years ago.

Bellcourt was originally designed with trees planted on lawns rather than at the curb, creating the illusion of wider streets. It's important to note that any tree within 10 feet of the curb -- even those trees that appear to be on private property -- are city-owned  trees. They may not be pruned or removed without permission.

Over the past century, New York City has planted more curbside trees in an effort to increase greenery. Like all street trees, these are all city property and may not be pruned or removed without city permission.  The Bellcourt Civic Association has at least two certified Citizen Pruners in its ranks -- Citizen Pruners are trained by the Parks Department and TreesNY to care for street trees, particularly the youngest ones. If you have questions about street trees, email us and we may be able to help, or at least point you in the right direction.